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Optimizing Business Efficiency with Handyman Service Software

Handyman service software optimizes workflow efficiency anywhere you are

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From initial customer contact to final payment for services, the right handyman service software keeps every part of your business organized and easily accessible. Accessibility and organization are key to optimizing your business’s workflow. With many software options out there for handyman services like yours, the key is finding one that can mirror your existing process as closely as possible while adding efficiency.

Key Efficiencies of Handyman Service Software

Integrated online customer contact form. Customer contact forms are found on just about every handyman website around. As a stand-alone feature, they are great for collecting the information your business needs to set up the initial consultation with the customer. When that website form is integrated with your handyman service software, you can funnel website contact information and project request details directly to your handyman service software. No more manually taking down the information or copying and pasting from one system to another; it’s already in your software system, so you can get notified of new requests, track status changes and project start dates, send estimates, and create invoices in one tool.

Project 2 Payment Website Forms

Professional project estimates. While handwriting an estimate with paper and pen may seem like the most efficient method, it definitely takes more time in the long run since paper documents are not easy to file, and sometimes not easy to read. To save time, handyman service software provides the ability to create a professional, branded project estimate right from your phone—even while meeting with the customer. Using your own business’s saved item library and pricing, you can provide a detailed estimate to your customer’s inbox with just a few clicks.

Instantly invoice for work completed. Because all the information for the project and customer are stored in your handyman service software, you can send an invoice for work completed with just a click of a button and the addition of a personalized note (if desired). Once the invoice is received, the customer can click on the link to pay. Missing payments? No problem, within the handyman service software, you can automate invoice reminders, so the software sends email reminders to customers who haven’t paid—while you can work on existing projects distraction-free.

Integrated payment processing. There are many options out there for handyman service software, but only a few have integrated in-house payment processing. You may not think using a third-party payment processor is a disadvantage at first, but by using in-house payment processing, all your data is seamlessly integrated so that everything is in one software package and backed by one support team. This makes it easier to track payments accurately and get fast payment support when you need it.

How to Keep Track of Invoices and Payments

Effortlessly receive online customer reviews. Did you know that 86% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses? Your business thrives on referrals, and online customer reviews are starting to take the place of traditional word-of-mouth referrals. The great thing about this, though, is that it is usually of no cost to the handyman business and it’s easy to do. With handyman service software, you can set automated online review requests on every email receipt, so all your customers need to do is click a button to write a review.

Stay organized with all-in-one handyman service software. When you can store customer and project details, send estimates and invoices, and accept payments in one software tool, it’s much easier to access critical business data and track how well your business is performing. Bonus! If your software integrates with QuickBooks online (or your bookkeeping system of choice), it’s even easier to report on every aspect of your business. With an all-in-one solution, there’s no need for manual spreadsheets to string together the pieces of disconnected data, just easy reporting and smooth business operations.  

Choosing the Right Handyman Service Software

There are so many software options out there for handyman service providers that it may seem overwhelming to find just the right one. Most offer similar base features, but with multiple levels of pricing and third-party app integrations that can add a layer of complexity and hidden costs. Depending on the size of your handyman business and the features required to make your business successful, you’ll want to take a good look to see if everything you need is included at the price you were expecting.

Want some help? To make it easier, we put together a product comparison grid with the top handyman service software in the industry. You’ll find that Project 2 Payment offers a few special features built to help small handyman businesses:

  1. Reasonable pricing at $20 per month for unlimited users, estimates, and invoices. You receive every feature that Project 2 Payment has to offer for that price and flat payment processing rates. No contracts or hidden fees.
  2. Integrated payment processing that has been developed by and is supported by Project 2 Payment. No third-party payment processing. One company, one software, one support team dedicated to your success.
  3. Flexible payment options so that your customers can pay the way that is most convenient to them, so you get paid faster! Accept payment in person or online – cash, credit card, or check. You can even pass along the processing fees to your customers.
  4. Everything all in one place to make reporting a breeze!

When you’re ready to optimize your business workflow, contact us. We’re here to help your business thrive!

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