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You’ve discovered your knack for fixing things around the house, and now you’re itching to turn that skill into a thriving handyman business. But how do you start a handyman business? Let’s break it down into three essential steps to frame the foundation of your new venture.
Creating a professional electrical invoice is crucial for electricians and contractors alike. Not only does it ensure timely payment for services rendered, but it also portrays a sense of professionalism that can enhance client relationships and boost your reputation in the industry.
Running a small business is demanding, and administrative tasks can quickly pile up, diverting your focus from what truly matters – serving your clients. Fortunately, cleaning business software is here to lighten the load.
What does ChatGPT, AI, software, and technology have to do with your masonry business? A lot more than you might think! Read why you don’t need to be a tech whiz to master these simple AI and technology hacks for your business.
AI tools for contractors offers an efficient way to promote their businesses and sell at a fraction of the time and cost required for manual efforts. Let’s look at how to harness the power of AI to effortlessly propel your business forward.
If you’re looking to streamline the workflow of your handyman service business from customer acquisition to final payment for services, it’s time to start comparing handyman service software. With necessary information stored in one place, reporting is a breeze!
When typical payment terms for contractors are not set, it can lead to delayed payments or worse, no payment at all. Learn what to include in your business’s payment terms and the best way to communicate those terms to your customers.
Gone are the days where social media was only for personal use. Search is rising on social media, which means your social media presence is more important than ever. Here are five easy steps to create a simple social media plan for your HVAC business.
HVAC invoicing doesn’t need to be complicated. If you feel like you’re wasting time manually creating invoices, licking stamps, and sending invoice reminders, it's time to simplify your processes. A few quick tools and tips might be all it takes to make your invoicing a breeze.
What does ChatGPT, AI, software, and technology have to do with landscaping? A lot more than you might think! You don’t need to be a tech whiz to master these simple AI and technology hacks for your business.
Project estimates are a critical part of your sales process. Here is a simple, four-step process to help you win more business using estimates.
Estimates and invoices are two different types of documents and there are specific purposes behind each one. However, using the right software will allow data to be entered once to create multiple documents. Read on to learn more.
Now contractors can get paid faster with easy QR-code payments, request online reviews from customers, and continue to use the leading accounting tool, QuickBooks, for a seamless payment experience. Learn how to get your first 30 days free.
Tracking invoices and payments can challenge your sanity depending on how you do it. Here are three scenarios that are common with contractors. Which scenario best fits your process of tracking invoices and payments?
As a business owner, you’ve probably wondered if there is a way to accept credit cards without fees. The real question is "who pays credit card fees, the business or the customer?" Learn more about surcharging, the ability to pass some or all of the credit card processing fee onto your customer.
When you learn how to price your services correctly, you intersect perception and reality. Here's some tips to help you set prices that make your customers happy AND your business profitable.
In this conversation, Bethany Jean of The Professional Cleaner answers the question, "How much does it cost to start a cleaning business?" Read on to learn about licensing, expected monthly revenue, and pricing your services.
Now you can easily filter your data to drive vital business decisions and win more business with professionally branded estimates, invoices, payment forms, and emails. Business reporting has never been so easy!
Taking credit card payments for contractor projects is a big decision. You may feel like you've heard it all before, but you'll find Project 2 Payment is different and so is how we treat the cons of taking credit card payments.
In this conversation, Bethany Jean with the Professional Cleaner shares with Project 2 Payment how to start a cleaning business. Bethany Jean shares about getting started with her own cleaning business and then turning it into a passion to help others succeed.
Successful home service businesses are paid on time, every time. But where do you start? Here are 4 tips on how to create an invoice for home services.
The Electrical Association and Project 2 Payment started working together last winter. We were honored when they asked our own, Ryan Beck, to be on their podcast called Spark'N Conversations and hosted by Mike Miller, a 39-year veteran of the electrical contractor industry.
There are so many tasks that can lead to wasted time. When time is wasted, money is thrown away. Do you know what the true cost of wasted time in field services businesses is?
Instantly upgrade contractors' website forms with Project 2 Payments "Project Request Forms" and "Payment Page Parameters" that can be embedded into the site to make form completion even smoother.
An increase in cash flow will help you build your home service business and keep it thriving. The first step toward a long-term cash flow solution is better, more efficient billing processes.
You may not be able to control building material costs, but there are other things you can do to lower business spending. Here are some tips to help take back control of your business costs.
Building is at the core of everything that is done in the skilled trades industries. So, building a team of skilled workers is just part of retaining a team. It takes dedication and practice just like your trade does.
Reminding yourself to remind your customers? Skip the madness with Project 2 Payment’s new automated Invoice Reminder feature.
It's time to recruit skilled trades workers the old fashioned way by getting out in our communities and showing our passion for the trades! Here are seven different ways to recruit skilled trades workers in your communities.
Preparing a landscaping estimate is like preparing a guide for your customer. Your customer is going to refer back to the estimate multiple times when questions or concerns arise, so you don’t want to overlook or rush this step.
When you tell people that you own your own business, you feel a sense of pride, but your business shouldn’t run your life. Here are three steps to balance your small business and your life.
Did you know your invoicing protocols are not just to make things easy for you but also more efficient for your customers? Take a look at the full benefits of using HVAC invoicing software for your business.
With the release of Instant Invoices, Project 2 Payment gives contractors the new easiest way to quickly send invoices to customers for simple online payment.
Learn three reasons why keeping an organized, digital customer list is necessary for growing your home services business.
Ready to start generating more field service leads online? Here’s a simple guide to get you going. And remember, even tackling just a few of these steps right now will make a big difference in the long run.
Project 2 Payment helps eliminate the stress of taking and tracking payments with our new invoice module and payment pages.
Effective customer communication also helps in averting disaster when something doesn’t go as planned on the project. Here are six tips for effective customer communication to keep your projects running smoothly.
Are there affordable estimation and invoicing software options for small businesses? Read on to see what options small business owners have to succeed and grow without large subscription costs.
Masonry bidding software can offer that additional support to keep your masonry business’s foundation strong. Discover these three key areas where bidding software can help your business stand out.
Wondering what invoicing software is and how it can benefit your business? This post breaks it all down for you.
A lot goes into building a field services business, and a lot goes into maintaining it just like a baseball diamond. You’ve built a great business; now it’s time to maintain it by marketing it.
Landscaping invoice software has changed as customer expectations and technology changed. Is your landscaping invoice process making your life easier or more difficult?
Although you are not paying for your free HVAC invoice software, it could still be costing you time. As the old saying goes, time is money! Find out why your free HVAC invoice software is costing you time and money.
Electrical contractors work hard to transform homes and businesses to comply with modern standards, but does that same modern efficiency carry into the customer experience you provide?
Looking for the best plumbing software? The right software for plumbers will meet these six essential needs for both your business and your customer.
Read to see how clear communication, detailed estimates or proposals, proposed timelines, and easy payment options are foundational elements of a great customer experience that leads to more referrals.
When there's a plethora of home service jobs to do, chaos can ensue. Enjoy these tips to help you make sure every job goes smoothly.
Digital transformation for field services businesses can be much simpler than the definition sounds.
There's a new king in town! Cash has been dethroned and digital payments has taken it's place.
Paper estimates and cash are becoming things of the past. It's time to use software to send estimates and receive payments.
While you may think a modern approach doesn’t always win out, your customers prefer to pay with credit cards for the benefits those pieces of plastic provide...

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