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Contractor Business Reporting Dashboard

Business Reporting and Branding Features from Project 2 Payment

Now you can easily filter your data to drive vital business decisions and win more business with professionally branded estimates, invoices, payment forms, and emails. Business reporting has never been so easy!

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Taking credit card payments for contractor projects is a big decision. You may feel like you've heard it all before, but you'll find Project 2 Payment is different and so is how we treat the cons of taking credit card payments.
In this conversation, Bethany Jean with the Professional Cleaner shares with Project 2 Payment how to start a cleaning business. Bethany Jean shares about getting started with her own cleaning business and then turning it into a passion to help others succeed.
Successful home service businesses are paid on time, every time. But where do you start? Here are 4 tips on how to create an invoice for home services.
The Electrical Association and Project 2 Payment started working together last winter. We were honored when they asked our own, Ryan Beck, to be on their podcast called Spark'N Conversations and hosted by Mike Miller, a 39-year veteran of the electrical contractor industry.
There are so many tasks that can lead to wasted time. When time is wasted, money is thrown away. Do you know what the true cost of wasted time in field services businesses is?
Instantly upgrade contractors' website forms with Project 2 Payments "Project Request Forms" and "Payment Page Parameters" that can be embedded into the site to make form completion even smoother.

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Landscaping invoice software has changed as customer expectations and technology changed. Is your landscaping invoice process making your life easier or more difficult?
While you may think a modern approach doesn’t always win out, your customers prefer to pay with credit cards for the benefits those pieces of plastic provide...

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