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What you get with Project 2 Payment


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Unlike other tools that make you pay to get premium features or add team members (or your accountant), Project 2 Payment gives you unlimited users and all premium features for only $20 per month.

With software, sometimes you need to try it before you buy it. Get your first 30 days on us!


Send estimates to your customers with ease. Customers can approve estimates with the click of a button so you can get your projects started faster than ever.

Add your brand colors, logo, and business details to every estimate to give your estimates a professional, polished look. Use the easy color-picker to grab colors from your website.

Need 50% down on a project? No problem. Add a required down payment amount to any estimate and get paid up front before kicking off a big project. Customers can pay with their card or bank info right from the estimate!

We won’t stop you at 5, 10, or 20 estimates per month to force an upgrade. Make as many as you need – no premium option needed!


Send an emailed invoice to your customer and they can pay instantly from the link. Add your brand colors and logo for a completely branded invoicing experience.

Whether you take payment right on site, or send an invoice to your customer for payment, you can accept card and ACH payments right from the invoice. No need to drive to pick up cash or checks. (But if you do, be sure to mark any invoice as paid with cash or check!)

Not getting paid isn’t an option. Set your unpaid invoice reminders to as often as you like in order to make sure your customers close out their unpaid invoices.

Forgotten invoices get paid slower. Whether you have your payment terms set at 30 days, 60 days, or other, we will remind your customer an invoice due date is approaching so they’re prepared to pay.

Payment Acceptance

Unlike competitors that give you different rates if you enter cards in the field, back home, or have your customers fill them out – Project 2 Payment gives you a simple low rate of 2.9% + $0.30 so you can easily build it into your service rates or pass on to your customers using our free surcharging feature. 

If your customers want to pay with ACH, or electronic bank funds, Project 2 Payment offers an industry-leading 0.5% + $0.25 ACH payment rate.

Surcharging is available at no extra cost. Pass on your credit card processing fees to your customers simply by adjusting your settings. (Per regulation, debit cards and ACH can not be surcharged)

Add a payment page to your website to give your customers the easiest way to pay.

Enjoy the easiest way to take an instant payment without needing to set up an invoice.


Use QuickBooks for accounting? Great! Send all your paid invoices and payments to your ledger with the click of a button for fast and accurate accounting.

Need to export your business data for use in Excel or other tools? We’ve got you covered. Easily export projects, invoices, payments, and more.

Your customers can download all electronic invoices as a PDF for record keeping.

Generate online reviews faster by automatically including a review link to your Google or Facebook business page on every receipt you sent to customers. 

Website Contact Form

Replace your basic contact form on your website with an integrated project request form. Customize with standard packages and pricing, or just ask for basic information. Easily convert every request into an estimate and customer!

Get notified ASAP when a new project request hits your inbox. Convert to an estimate and respond quickly to win the bid.


Unlike other tools that outsource support or transfer your request when you need timely payment help, our US-based support team is available via phone, email, and our support site to give you the best software and payment support. 

*We compared seven industry-leading tools in the marketplace and created ratings based on information available online, in the apps, and their support teams. 1 star = 0-20% of tools have a comparable solution, 2 stars = 21-40%, 3 stars = 41-60%, 4 stars = 61-80%, 5 stars – 81-100%

Ready to get paid faster with Project 2 Payment?

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