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Instantly Upgrade Contractors’ Website Forms with New Tools from Project 2 Payment 

Project 2 Payment Request a Quote feature

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Websites are the all-encompassing place where contractors can make a big first impression on customers and start earning more business with greater efficiency. With Project 2 Payment, contractors can automate contact creation, receive quote and project requests, and accept payment right from their existing website. Read on to learn more about new web features that are making contractors’ lives easier.

Project Request Forms

With Project Request Forms, contractors can automatically convert form data submitted through their website into new customer contacts and pending estimate or project requests within Project 2 Payment. That means no more lost form requests or manual data entry from website contact forms. Upon form submission by a prospective customer, contractors will be notified within Project 2 Payment and via email that they have a new project request for review. Likewise, the requester will receive an automated email notification that their request has been received.  

Vince Arnoldi, President of Persolvent

“Websites are powerful tools that help contractors and small business owners generate more business. With the release of Project Request Forms and Payment Page Parameters, we’re excited to offer powerful tools that maximize the resources contractors already have and help them get more done with less.”   

Vince Arnoldi, President

Payment Page Parameters

As an enhancement option to standard Payment Pages, now contractors can append Payment Page Parameters to their page URLs to prefill and even lock down – aspects of the payment form such as pricing, tax, notes, and even invoice ID fields. If contractors have standard pricing for services like on-site quotes or regular maintenance visits, they can say goodbye to unpaid invoices, and hello to fast and easy payments taken right through their website.  

Project 2 Payment Make A Payment Slide Out form on a contractors' website
Taylor Lund

“Moving from familiar, yet often clunky, processes to something automated and streamlined doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve purpose-built Project 2 Payment to be simpletouse regardless of how tech savvy you may be. Plus, our award-winning support team is there to walk you through setup step-by-step so you’re up and running in no time. 

Taylor Lund, Director of Product Management

If you’re ready to streamline your small contracting business’ website flow with project request forms and payment pages without the huge price of typical bid and invoice management software, contact us. You don’t have to be a website guru or technical genius to implement. Project 2 Payment is very simple-to-use and we have a US-based support team sitting by the phone ready to assist when you need it.

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