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AI Tools for Contractors to Grow Their Business

AI Tools for Contractors

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Growing your contractor business is hard but rewarding work. The technological landscape is always changing, and competition can be fierce. The good news is that there are technology and AI tools for contractors that can help you effectively promote your business, in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing firm. Here are some free and affordable AI tools for contractors to consider.

Advertising AI Tools for Contractors

If you’re like most contractors, advertising can be a bit overwhelming and challenging to keep up with on top of everything else required to run your own contractor business. Don’t fret – AI can make advertising easy. If you’d like to create a short ad video, you can use a tool like You just tell idomoo’s Lucas AI Video Creator what you need, and it will create the video for you – no script or tech skills needed! You can create a free account and create a full 30-second ad with AI-generated voiceover, captions, and impressive on-screen animation for only $5 a video. In under five minutes, you can create a first draft of a video with the ability to edit the AI-generated script, add your brand colors and logo, set the call to action, and review four options of the video before you pay.

As a bonus, if you already have social media pages set up for your business, you can easily upload your ad directly to your business pages. If you wanted to, you could even set up social media ad campaigns using your newly created video ad. Video is all the rage, and this tool will help your business look professional and established – without breaking the bank (or your schedule). helps businesses create videos

Writing Emails that Sell with AI Tools for Contractors

Some think email marketing is dead or a waste of time, but that’s simply not true. When you send emails to your customers, you’re staying in touch with your customers  even if you don’t get a response right away. Consistent communication helps keep you top of mind so when they or someone else they know needs a specialized contractor, they know how to find you.

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing an email is knowing what to write. With ChatGPT, writing a first draft becomes a breeze. You can ask ChatGPT to write anything, even what should be on the homepage of your website. Or you could ask ChatGPT to write you an email to your current customers requesting referrals or offering a special promotion of 15% off their next service.

Write a sales email with the help of ChatGPT

Build QR Codes with AI Tools for Contractors

Have you noticed how many QR codes you see on a daily basis? They are on billboards, yard signs, realtor signs, online ads, set up instructions, and when you want to add a new app to your phone or tv. There’s a good reason for that; QR codes are much easier and faster than typing out the website address you would like to direct people to. Here’s a few ways to put QR codes to work for your contractor business:

  • Help customers find your website. With the free tool, io, you can add your brand colors and even change the shape of the QR code to add to printed business cards, brochures, and signage.
  • To make it easier for your customers to pay using QR codes, use Project 2 Payment. Project 2 Payment includes the ability to create a QR code that leads customers directly to your payment page, so every payment is automatically tracked and connected to your customer and project records.
Payment QR Codes in Project 2 Payment

You can keep growing your business through word-of-mouth, but sometimes you’ll need an extra push to keep the business growing. In times like these, AI tools for contractors will become your best friend. AI tools have been developed to make it easier for everyone to get tasks completed in minutes instead of hours. Give your business the edge it needs to cut through the noise by leveraging AI tools to create quality content that speaks to your customers.

When you’re ready to make your customer, project, billing, and payment tracking as easy as if AI did it for you, contact Project 2 Payment.

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