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New QuickBooks Integration Seamlessly Feeds Project 2 Payment Data into Contractors’ Book of Business 

QuickBooks Integration with Project 2 Payment

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Now contractors can get paid faster with easy QR-code payments, request online reviews from customers, and continue to use the leading accounting tool, QuickBooks, for a seamless payment experience 

QuickBooks Integration

Contractors no longer need to manually export and import business data into QuickBooks to complete regular bookkeeping activities. With Project 2 Payment’s new QuickBooks integration, contractors can send customer, invoice, and payment data with the click of a button. No coding or complicated instructions required to set up, simply navigate to your Project 2 Payment settings tab and log in to your QuickBooks account.  

Vince Arnoldi, President
Vince Arnoldi, President

As someone closely tied to business operations and reporting, I know how big of a difference a well-built integration can make. I’m thrilled to offer contractors a QuickBooks integration that’s easy to set up, and not only saves time, but offers peace of mind through data transparency and real-time reporting.  

QuickBooks Project 2 Payment Integration
Project 2 Payment QR Code for payments

Payment QR Code

This time-saving accounting integration isn’t the only new feature catching contractors’ attention. With Project 2 Payment’s built in QR-code payment capabilities, contractors can display a QR code for customers to scan and pay their bill right on the spot. Contractors still sending paper invoices stand to benefit too. Project 2 Payment generates a QR code on every invoice so customers can pay their bills easier, and contractors get paid faster than ever. 

Online Review Request Link

Looking for an easy way to get more online reviews? Project 2 Payment’s latest release provides contractors with the ability to request online reviews on every receipt they send to customers. Just add a link to Google reviews, Facebook reviews, or a contractor listing site and watch the 5-star reviews start rolling in.  

Taylor Lund
Taylor Lund, Director of Product Management

I love thinking up new ways to help hardworking business owners save time, grow their business, and create a better customer experience. It’s fun to think that even simple features like adding a link to an online review site will help countless contractors improve their credibility and grow their business. 

Request online reviews on every receipt with Project 2 Payment

The best part is—all these new features are delivered to contractors with no hidden fees or upgrades, just $20 a month for unlimited users. Sign up to get 30 days of Project 2 Payment free.   

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