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Digital Transformation and the Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractor and the Digital Transformation

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The digital age has transformed the way business is done. It’s changed the way customers find your business, how we communicate with each other, and how we pay the bills. Heck, it’s even created new currencies! Electrical contractors have worked hard to transform many homes and businesses to comply with modern standards, but many contractors don’t carry that same modern efficiency into the customer experience they provide.

According to Allan Thomas Chiulli, a guest contributor for TheStreet, there are five factors of the digital age: reduce friction, enhance the user experience, create collaboration, build community, and generate a two-sided network effect. To paraphrase his article “5 Things You Need to Know for the Digital Age,” every aspect of your service should be easy for your customers. Reducing friction enhances the customer experience and creates collaboration between you and your customers, which builds community and ultimately creates a two-sided network effect. If you can provide great service at a low price with all the comforts of the digital age (the customer experience), you have the perfect trifecta to generate demand for your services.

How electrical contractors can improve customer experience

Customer experience starts when a customer contacts you to get pricing on an electrical project and typically ends after the customer pays for service or reviews your company online. Efficiency and removing points of friction is still at the core of the customer experience, which is where Project 2 Payment comes in.

Project 2 Payment is a simple and easy-to-use electrical contractor estimate and invoice software that streamlines projects — from project creation to payment. With fast project bidding, versatile billing options, and simple tracking and reporting for projects and invoices, Project 2 Payment provides a smooth experience for your customers while you get to spend less time at a desk and more time in the field.

There’s no need to spend nights and weekends catching up on estimates and invoices. With Project 2 Payment, electrical contractors can create the estimate right on the spot and email it to the customer for approval before leaving the job site. This starts the collaboration process; the customer isn’t waiting for further communication and has all the information they need to make the decision right at their fingertips.

Did you know that 85% of customers prefer to pay by credit card? To make the customer experience easy and efficient, Project 2 Payment converts the estimate into an invoice with a link for the customer to make a down payment or pay in full via a secure payment portal. Once you receive payment, it’s tracked under the customer and the project to make reporting easy.

The digital age has changed how contractors work with customers. If you’re interested in learning if your company is providing a digital age–worthy customer experience, here is a quick quiz. Want a tour of how Project 2 Payment can help your business achieve the digital age customer experience your customers dream of?

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