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Business Reporting and Branding Features from Project 2 Payment

Contractor Business Reporting Dashboard

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To ignite business insights and brand presence for contractors, Project 2 Payment, the easiest tool for US-based contractors to create estimates on site, send invoices, and get paid faster, just came out with two new game-changing features for contractors: Business Reporting and Brand Customization. 

Business Reporting Dashboard

Project 2 Payment Business Reporting Dashboard

Business reporting for contractors just got a lot easier since Project 2 Payment eliminated the need for manual data entry and self-made, error-prone reports. With a new Business Reporting dashboard, contractors can easily track their total business revenue, average payment size, and filter by date range and payment method to understand when and how their business is getting paid. Need quarterly business reports or payment records for bookkeeping? All business data and transaction history—whether credit card, eCheck, paper check, or cash—are tracked in one spot and easily exported to an Excel or PDF file with the click of a button. 

Taylor Lund, Director of Product Management 
We don’t want our local contractors to merely survive, but thrive. Instead of operating without critical business data or spending an entire weekend compiling it, with a few clicks, Project 2 Payment offers contractors an easy way to instantly see the business information they need to succeed.” 

Brand Customization

Brand Customization

Reporting isn’t the only feature gaining attention and lighting up the latest software release. Contractors are also boosting their brand recognition and winning more business with less effort using Project 2 Payment’s Brand Customization features. Simply add a logo and use the color selector tool to set custom brand colors. Just like that, everything contractors send to their customers is branded and professionalfrom estimates, to invoices and payment forms, and emails.   

Vince Arnoldi, President 
“As a small business operator myself, making enterprise-quality features accessible to small business owners is not just a duty, but a privilege. Project 2 Payment’s driving passion is to give back to the hardworking people and businesses that help keep our homes and economy running smoothly, and state-of-the-art features like Business Reporting and Brand Customization accurately reflect that passion. 

Project 2 Payment is the best US-based estimation and invoicing software for contractors looking to create project estimates on site, send invoices, and collect payments with ease. This simple-to-use tool was founded out of the belief that small-business savvy, payment expertise, and software simplicity are small distinctions that can make a big impact in helping hardworking US-based home service business owners save time and get paid faster 

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