Simplify Flooring Projects & Payments With a Single Tool

Get the best flooring estimate software that saves you time so you can spend less time at the desk and more time in the field.

Flooring estimating software

Best Floor Estimating Software

Project 2 Payment provides a smooth experience for flooring contractors with a simple workflow to build projects, send estimates, and get paid faster for flooring jobs.

Create project estimates with the best field service management software

Create Projects

Send project invoices with the best field service management software

Send Project Estimates

Track projects and payments with the best field service management software

Invoice for Flooring Work

Affordable pricing for card payment processing

Receive Digital Payments

Create Customer (no shadow)

Complete More Flooring Jobs

Spend less time managing it with the best flooring estimating software.

With Project 2 Payment, flooring contractors can create a seamless customer experience that streamlines flooring projects, cuts billing time, and tracks your projects and payment history for you.

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