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5 Pressure Washing Invoice Mistakes to Avoid

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Power washing jobs are so satisfying because you get to see things come back to life sparkling clean! What’s even more satisfying is when your pressure washing invoice is paid on time. Invoicing customers isn’t always easy, so that’s why we’ve come up with tips to help you avoid the most common pressure washing invoice mistakes and get paid faster.

Mistake #1 – Giving the customer the wrong pressure washing invoice.

Yikes! How embarrassing, right? You’ve completed the work, you give the customer the pressure washing invoice and the response is, “I don’t think this is what we agreed upon, and it looks like this invoice might be for someone else.” Most likely you have the correct invoice within reach and can get the customer the correct invoice quickly, but the damage to your reputation has already been done.

When managing multiple jobs, mistakes can happen. Using estimate and invoice software like Project 2 Payment can eliminate mistakes like this. Project 2 Payment streamlines the process for you and keeps everything organized so you don’t have to worry about a simple mistake of oversight. Just search the customer’s name in the customer dashboard or search the project from within the project dashboard and then send an invoice to the customer right from the customer or project module.

Mistake #2 - Not promptly sending the pressure washing invoice

When your schedule is extremely busy, it can be hard to remember to leave a pressure washing invoice for a customer when your mind is focused on staying on schedule. If the invoice isn’t sent promptly at the completion of the work, payment will move further back on your customer’s list of things to do, or it could even become lost on your list of things to do.

When you use Project 2 Payment, you can either get paid right on the spot with a QR-code payment or send the invoice with a click of a button, and it arrives almost immediately in your customer’s email inbox. Your customer can use the link to pay the invoice right in the email communication with the invoice, which means you get paid faster and your customer has the convenience to pay immediately.

Mistake #3 – An unprofessional looking pressure washing invoice

An unprofessional-looking pressure washing invoice might look like the paper invoice tablets you can purchase in any office supply store. Your business name, logo, and contact information are not on it unless you painstakingly write it each time you give an invoice. Your customer’s information is not on the invoice, and neither are the details of the project you just completed for them—unless there’s room for you to write that information in, and you take the time to do it. And there’s certainly not any payment policy information to ensure you get paid in full and on time. All that might be written is the amount due and the job type.

This invoice is so vague! If the customer has questions, how do they find your information? How do they know how and when to pay? An unprofessional-looking invoice creates too many questions and leads to slow payment.

To keep your pressure washing business looking its best, Project 2 Payment provides the opportunity to customize how your invoices look by including your business’s logo, contact information, and brand colors. Each invoice has as much or as little detail as you would like and can be sent by email or printed and handed to the customer. You can send an unlimited number of invoices and get every built-in feature, all for only $20 a month.

Mistake #4 – Not including payment terms.

Most basic invoice templates leave out the payment terms, and this is a big mistake. When typical payment terms for contractors are not set, it can lead to delayed payments, or worse, no payment at all. If customers don’t know how and when to pay, they may put it off or even wait until they receive a reminder from you.

Payment terms do not have to be a long, drawn-out legal document. They can be as simple as “Full payment is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice by cash, check, or online payment portal.” With Project 2 Payment, you can automatically include your own payment terms on every pressure washing invoice and set up reminders when invoices aren’t paid on time.

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Mistake #5 – Not allowing convenient payment methods.

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key. If you only accept cash or checks, you might be making it difficult for some customers to pay you promptly. Offering multiple online payment options through a payment link or QR code within the invoice can make the process smoother for your customers and ensures you get paid faster.

According to an article published in Forbes, 76% of consumers prefer businesses that accept card payments. The fact is, we are quickly moving to a cashless society. In order to win consistent business, you need to be able to offer your customers a way to pay their invoices with a payment method that is convenient for them.

Power washing can transform surfaces from grimy to gleaming, delivering a deeply satisfying experience for you and the client. However, the true satisfaction comes when the payment process is seamless and timely so you’re rewarded for a job well done. Avoiding common pressure washing invoicing mistakes—such as sending incorrect invoices, delaying invoicing, using unprofessional formats, omitting payment terms, and not offering convenient payment methods—can significantly enhance your business operations. Utilizing tools like Project 2 Payment can streamline invoicing, ensure professionalism, and provide convenience for both you and your customers. By adopting these practices and avoiding these simple mistakes, you can maintain a spotless reputation and enjoy the rewarding feeling of seeing not just clean surfaces, but a healthy bottom line.

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