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Strengthening Your Foundation With Masonry Bidding Software

Strengthening Your Foundation With Masonry Bidding Software

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Masons know better than anyone that the foundation supports the rest of the building, and a good foundation means a structure that will last for thousands of years. Sometimes, though, a footing is added to that foundation to support it and keep it strong. Masonry bidding software can offer that additional support to keep your masonry business’s foundation strong. Here are three key areas where bidding software can help your business stand out.

1. Masonry Bidding Software Makes Your Business Efficient

Masonry bidding software supports your business by making it more efficient, especially when you can access it from anywhere through your phone. Picture yourself pouring concrete at a site when you get a phone call from a client that wants to move forward with an estimate you sent them. Instead of going back to your truck or home office to find the details of the estimate, you can pull up the client’s estimate to schedule the project while you are speaking with them in real time.

While on the phone with the client, you can verify the scope of work that will be done just by pulling up the estimate within the software. You can even modify the scope of work by adding or removing items. Then, you can send the client an updated estimate with the project date for their records by email.

Can you picture just how much more efficient you can be when you don’t need a physical paper record present to schedule work? When you’re able to do “paperwork” on the go, it never stacks up, which means masonry bidding software also saves you from having to do paperwork after a long day of working in the field.

2. Masonry Bidding Software Creates a Better Customer Experience

Masonry bidding software is not only more efficient for you, but it’s also more efficient for your client. When clients can receive a bid in minutes rather than hours, you are meeting their expectations. Most clients want information immediately: According to, responding as quickly as possible to your clients is one of the 7 Essential Components of Excellent Customer Service

Today’s customers expect to have information at their fingertips. Masonry bidding software helps improve the customer experience because all information and payments can be digital. Not only will you be able to access estimates, invoices, and payments online, but your customer will be able to as well.

When your masonry bidding software includes invoicing and payments, your client can pay the way they are accustomed to: securely online or through their phone. This way they can also more easily track the payment versus providing you a paper check that can take considerable time clear. A physical check can take five or more days to show up on your client’s account even if you snap a picture of the check to upload it to your business bank account the day you receive it. Give your customers — and your business — the comfort of payments you can see and track.

3. Masonry Bidding Software Enhances Your Business’s Cash Flow

Cash flow is the biggest, and possibly the most important, piece of your business that masonry bidding software can support. If your bidding software allows you to take digital payments, you can get paid much more quickly and with little effort on your part because you won’t need to drive to the bank to make a deposit. The right masonry bidding software will also let you assign cash payments to invoices —there will be a record of all the payments coming in, regardless of how you or your customers prefer to handle payment method.

The best masonry bidding software allows for mobile flexibility, down payments, immediate invoicing, and digital or cash payments. It will streamline internal processes and make projects more efficient and enjoyable for your customers. All of these efficiencies help increase your cash flow and allow your business to thrive. Ready to see if Project 2 Payment is the right masonry bidding software for your business?

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