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There is plenty of software for plumbers on the market today. With so many choices, how do you know what is the best software for a small plumbing business? When comparing software for your small plumbing business, there are two sets of needs to consider: your business’ needs and your customers’ needs.

3 Plumbing Business Software Needs

To be truly effective, your business needs a software that will create and track jobs or projects from the estimate stage all the way through the payment stage. Here’s some key features to watch for:

  1. Create estimates. When reviewing software for plumbers, look for one in which you can access the software from the job site through your phone service provider or Wi-Fi connection. The software should also store all items or services that may be included in the pricing on your estimates. Then, as you are meeting with your customer, you can easily add the items and units of measure to give them an estimate on the spot. In an instant, you can then email that estimate directly to your customer before you even leave the job site. Think of how much time this will save you – no more having to manually type in estimates and then send electronically after you’ve left the job.
  2. Convert estimates to invoices. Creating estimates is one thing, but if you have to turn around and copy and paste line items into an invoice template, it can be time-consuming and lead to errors. Simplify your life by looking for software that will make it easy to convert estimates into invoices with a click of a button and email it to your customer. Not only will this save you time, but you’ll also have a digital trail to follow so you can easily find project information.
  3. Turn invoices into payments. Maybe you pick up cash or checks from your customers, or perhaps they mail you a check. A faster way is to find a software tool that can send invoices electronically with a click-to-pay link. That way when a customer pays you, the money is deposited directly into your account without you needing to drive to the bank or take a picture of the check to upload to your banking app. This means less work for you, and it’s a preferred way to pay by most customers.

3 Plumbing Customer Needs

The right software for plumbers can also help fulfill your customers’ needs. Busy lifestyles and digital prowess create the need for your customers to access everything through their phones; this includes emails, documents, and invoices. Did you know that 89% of consumers use mobile banking apps? Customers today use their phones for everything they need, which is why the software you choose should deliver information where your customers receive it.

  1. Digital copies of estimates and invoices. Society has been moving away from paper for years, and this trend increased even more with the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital copies of estimates and invoices make it much easier for your customers to file and find. A software that emails digital copies of your estimates and invoices will help keep your plumbing business relevant for today’s customers and provide an easy way for them to recall your business the next time they’re looking for a plumber.
  2. Easy way to contact you with questions. Any communication with your customers needs to include an easy way for them to contact you with questions. The software you choose should include your business logo and contact information on all estimates, invoices, and email signatures so they can find your contact info even if they misplaced your business card. Also make sure to let your customers know if they can text you because 78% of consumers wish they could text a business instead of calling.
  3. Ability to securely pay online. We now know that 89% of consumers use mobile banking apps, and customers are used to paying businesses online through their mobile devices. The plumbing business software that you choose should allow your customers to easily and securely pay their invoice online. Online payments are most convenient for your customers, which means you end up getting paid faster.

Sounds good, right? If you’re looking to take your plumbing business to the next level, Project 2 Payment field service management software will help you get there. Project 2 Payment offers a customizable item library that makes it simple to bid, invoice, and track projects and payments from a single tool. You can access Project 2 Payment from your phone and provide your customers flexible, line-itemized quotes with a click of a button on the job site. Through the payment link included with the invoice, you receive payments faster with less labor time, so you don’t have to spend your weekend billing for your time. Project 2 Payment is built to alleviate the challenges that affect your business and your customers. Let us help you streamline your business processes from beginning to end, all at a low, affordable price.

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