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Why You Should Digitally Transform Your Field Service Business

Field Service Digital Transformation

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According to the Enterprisers Project, “Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.” For most small field services business owners, that definition may be intimidating, and they may start thinking that they can’t afford to hire an IT person to digitally transform their business, nor would they want to because they would feel like a fish out of water. Digital transformation for field service businesses can be much simpler than the definition sounds. It can take one software platform to easily transform how office work is handled and how customer needs are met, all while making your business more competitive, without the expense of having to hire an IT professional or firm. Using software to digitally transform your small field service business will save time and money without losing the tradition and quality of the work you do.

Office Work

Many small business owners are finding themselves working on paperwork in the evenings or on the weekends because there is simply not enough time to be in the field and do the paperwork during the day. Using software to manage information such as customers, estimates, invoices, payments, and job details will make it easier and less time-consuming to do office work. Information is securely stored and easily accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. The right software will easily move from estimate to invoice with the click of a button. Upon email receipt of the invoice, the customer can immediately pay the invoice online, which then tracks back into the software. With all of the information stored in one place, reports can be accessed to see which payments are still outstanding. Customer information would also be managed in this software. And when your business may be slower than usual, you can use that customer information for marketing outreach and new opportunities.

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Customers have already gone through a major digital transformation during the pandemic. They have progressed into the digital age and what they want is different from what traditional field service businesses have done in the past. For example, when a customer asks for an estimate, they expect an estimate to be sent to them via email. Paper copies are a thing of the past and are easily lost in today’s busy lifestyles.

Customers also prefer to pay digitally. According to an article on, 60% of the 15 billion bills paid in the U.S. every year are paid digitally. Checks can take days to show in an account, where digital payments show up nearly instantaneously. You may not be losing business now by not accepting digital payments, but the day will come where you will.

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Throughout history, technology has driven competition. Take the automobile industry: Carl Benz (Mercedes-Benz founder) developed a gasoline-powered automobile in 1887, but what most people remember is the Ford Model T that was created in 1908. Henry Ford created the moving assembly line, which allowed the Model T to be mass-produced much faster than any other automobile. Henry Ford noticed that the quicker he could meet customer needs and the faster he could get paid, the more successful and competitive his business would be. Providing estimates and invoices instantly via email as well as online payments will make your field service business more desirable to your customers. The best thing about accepting online payments is that you will be paid faster. More money in your account means that you can build your business faster and possibly even make your competitors obsolete.

Don’t let the fear of spending too much money or time on implementing software prevent you from experiencing the benefits of digital transformation. Updating your small field service business will make your office work easier, your customers happier, and your competition less intimidating. Using a simple, single software platform to manage your customer list and track your invoices, payments, and job (project) details will save you time and make life a lot easier for you!

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